For video projects, we work within a highly organized and collaborative approval-based milestone-driven project cycle. By managing our projects in this way, we mitigate risks for all and ensure success every time.  Here are the steps:


1. what’s the scoop?

What’s your message? Fill us in on your value props and the pain points your product or service addresses. Give us your best pitch! Who is your target audience? What style and length production are you looking to produce? We’ll give you a Pre-Production Questionnaire to complete. Your answers will provide us the info we need to give you a quote.

2. kick this baby off!

We’ll conference with you on the phone, or on Skype, or in person, or with some cans and a string. We’ll walk through the Pre-Production Questionnaire, tell some jokes, discuss your project in depth and clarify everything. Now we can confirm the quote and construct a project time-line (See…we’re already creating things…)

3. it’s concept time!

Every project is a different animal. Some are very much marsupial, while others are more simian in nature. Sometimes the client has a polished script already written, perhaps even a storyboard and some ideas for the visuals. Most of the time we start at square one. In any case, we’ll either pitch concept ideas and art direction samples at you, or give you our two cents on your creative. Once the concept and production style are confirmed and approved, then it’s time for…

4. storyboard, storyboard, storyboard

If needed, we’ll compose the full draft script along with more sample graphics for key scenes. Once you’ve given these your seal of approval (we could do another animal joke here), we’ll complete the entire storyboard. CollaborationCollaborationCollaborationCollaboration…. Once the storyboard is approved by you and finalized, off we go!

5. into the valley of production, rode the…

We’ll produce the full draft piece with sound design, music bed and voice over for your review.

6. revision time

Here we’ll fine tune the draft based on your review and feedback, and complete the sound design. Once all content is approved, we’ll mix and master the audio and produce a beautiful HD 1080p version along with any other formats and sizes you require. That’s it – another successful project.


A similar project cycle is used for audio projects.

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