Jill Hronek

“I don’t give out recommendations easily. But, if you’re looking for video producer with creativity, a vested interest in your project, and a true partner in the process, you need to consider Green Iguana. Tasked with creating a new membership video for the organization I had just joined, I didn’t know where to start. I’m not a real video person (hated MTV growing up) so the thought of concepting, storyboarding, scripting, recording, and hoping it turns out kept me up at night. We gave Green Iguana the concept we had in mind and they took it and ran. They walked me through the video process, and shared their commitment, enthusiasm, ideas and experience in such a way that I knew it couldn’t go wrong. They kept me on MY deadlines and worked around those I missed. They shoot funny, serious, seriously funny, all business, nobody’s business, whatever you want. They put their subjects at ease, bring out the best in them, and are exceedingly conscientious of the end product. Creative neurotics like the rest of us, they want to produce something that THEY love as much as the client does. Do it. Work with Green Iguana. You won’t be sorry.”