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That’s right. Back in the day, while the other kids were playing baseball, cutting lawns or cheerleading, we were hijacking our parents’ dining room tables to build prehistoric dinosaur sets for our stop-motion 8mm films, or banging away on our pianos and drums, or donning fake mustaches in the basement for the infamous “shrink-gun” scene. We were writing, drawing, taking photographs, making funny faces in the mirror and designing our own wacky Halloween costumes. We were limited only by our imaginations, which were limitless.
Funny thing about those imaginations—still no limits.
Now, all these years later, we continue to do what we loved most when we were kids. How great is that?
Having successfully delivered over 900 projects in our years in business and garnered multiple awards for our work, we offer up any client with whom we have ever engaged as a reference for our services.
We have never left a client unhappy. Never. Not one.

We’re crazy creatives, doing what we love most!


Green Iguana Productions, LLC

2108 Middlefield Ct,

Denville, NJ 07834 USA